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It feels really nice that you are here and want to find out more about Travel Cradle – an epic travel blog. More than 300,000 regular readers are here every month. Maybe you too from today?

TravelCradle.com started way back in August 2015 with a different domain name as a personal travel blog and hobby.

We wanted to pass on our travel tips and stories from the many road trips, city trips and adventures (everything that has to do with nature, outdoor activities or even adventure) to other people like you now.

In addition, we wanted to share the many practical travel tips and experiences that we have gained with friends on our many trips.

What is important to us?

Honesty, authenticity and not just “talking nicely” about travel . If something is not going well or we cannot recommend places (for whatever reason), we say so openly and honestly.

We only write about our own experiences and give tips that we have experienced ourselves.

With full passion and a lot of heart and soul!

We’ve been a full-time travel blogger since August 2015.

Since many of our friends travel and keep coming back to us, we now have a small team that writes for the blog and travels from time to time. The desire to travel is not only very great for us!

You will soon find out more about the entire team here.

You can find here among other things:

  • Tips on how you too can travel a lot with your job.
  • Everything about  road trips , city ​​trips and adventure travel
  • Tips for planning your trip – everything at a glance
  • The best travel destinations each month
  • The best time to travel to popular travel destinations 
  • Travel tips such as tips for backpacks , booking flights , the best free credit cards when traveling , tips for booking a rental car
  • Travel reports and route suggestions for road  trips as well as tips for special tours and activities on city trips.

If you are still studying, planning a trip around the world or are a digital nomad, that doesn’t mean you are completely wrong here. We have had a lot of practical travel tips for students and experiences that are helpful to everyone.

What you won’t find here: Tips for package tours.

We are neither journalists nor perfect at writing. So forgive us spelling and typing errors that are overlooked despite proofreading.

Nevertheless, we would like to pass on our experiences while traveling, as they are honest and authentic.

Travel updates, travel news and new articles

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FAQ – Your questions, our answers

Here we keep answering questions that you ask us.

Answers by Amelia, Editor, TravelCradle.com

Are you curious and want to find out more about us? Then read on. Private questions are and will remain private. We only answer questions about travel partners (“Who are you traveling with?”) When we travel with friends from bloggers or photographers. Everything else is not important.

The fact is: We’ve only traveled once so far. Boring and not my way of traveling. I like to share impressions, emotions and memories.  

I’m not on vacation – I travel. Why?

For me, a trip is an adventure or a challenge in another city, region or country. I like to discover other cultures, languages ​​and get to know people.

I don’t believe what I read in the media. I want to discover other countries through my own eyes. “Other countries other manners”. That’s the way it is. That is exactly what is exciting! It broadens the horizon and creates awareness of other cultures.

Even if a country makes the headlines negatively, that doesn’t mean everything is bad. Especially not the residents.

For me, vacation is synonymous with lazing on the beach in an all-inclusive hotel. Also pretty boring after 2-3 days – I think.

I like to travel individually, preferably by car or camper van . Then I’m the most flexible and don’t have to be considerate of drivers or stick to departure times for buses and trains. I can stop wherever I want and be spontaneous.

My travel destinations are becoming more and more challenging. After a road trip on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan , we went on a road trip through Uganda and Rwanda . The drive through slopes with deep sand in Botswana required special attention ( read Botswana travel report ).

Here, too, I am “traveling a lot” – are you following me already? Facebook , Pinterest ,  Instagram  and less and less on Twitter

Amelia and wanderlust: How do you manage to travel so much despite your job?

My favorite book is the atlas. My goal? To travel all over the world. Well as far as it is currently possible.

According to rumors, I am constantly on the move. While traveling and not in my home town. That was not true for a long time because I had worked in an agency without overtime compensation. Good travel planning with the  help of the bridge days was very helpful.

Since I felt more and more the desire to travel and I – barely 2-3 weeks at home felt a lot of wanderlust again, at some point in July 2015 it was no longer difficult to make the decision: I quit. I never never wanted to become self-employed. It turned out differently.

After my trip to Tajikistan I felt more and more incomprehensible to the “problems” of my customers. There are completely different problems in the world.

As a graphic designer, online (and social media) manager and most recently a senior consultant in a digital agency, I have pretty good qualifications to work as a freelancer. I haven’t been in a permanent position since December and am preparing my own business.

I would also like to invest more time simply “doing good”. Whether it is the support of a school in the township of Cape Town (2014), a project in Uganda to collect money for a well or to visit refugees in Europe and to give English courses.

Have you ever said “hello” to the refugees, asked them about their incredible stories or just listened to find out what their greatest needs and desires are? Please take your heart in your hand and dare!

A note to everyone who is blinded by the lifestyle and reports in the media of the digital nomads (I don’t like this term) and their seemingly “simple” life:

Please don’t quit just like that. I only decided to take this step when I was already building my first (growing) income with my secondary business. Blogging is not an “I just do it” thing. It’s hard work.

You can read more about my “job travel blogger” here.

How can you afford the many trips?

Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I’ve completely changed my life. I need a lot less (especially clothes and shoes) and only buy what I really need. Status symbols have never meant anything to me.

Now I make a living from writing about travel. No matter whether here on my travel blog or on the websites of countries and regions (e.g. Australia or Travel Alberta). I also give lectures and advise one or the other customer.

In addition, my blog is now one of the largest blogs about travel in English-speaking countries. As a result, more and more countries, regions, cities or tour operators come to me so that I can travel to their region and report on it. I only accept these invitations if I happen to be really planning a trip there. Articles related to these trips are also clearly marked as invitations.

You can read in detail here how I make money through my travel blog and what I do all day.

What did you do for a living before you became a travel blogger?

Originally, I am a media designer (print) with additional training as a media specialist / IHK. I worked day and night as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies for over 7 years, which I was happy to do.

At the same time, I did the Social Media Manager training. After that, I worked in corporations (among other things, I helped set up the online shops – mainly on travel).

Since corporations became too boring for me in the long run and the hierarchical behavior seemed too silly, I slowly lost my desire for it. That’s why at some point I decided that I wanted to get back to the roots in an agency.

In a digital and creative agency, I advised international clients all over the world as a senior consultant in the B2B area.

In contrast to the company, my working hours clearly added up, but it was great fun to work with people who understand me! Even if this meant that I was able to travel less at first.

On the side, we raised money for a well construction in Uganda, which was completed in April 2016.

At some point the wanderlust was too great and I decided to do something I never wanted to do: quit and start my own business! And: I never wanted to make a living from my blog because I was afraid that I would no longer have fun writing if I really had to. Day after day.

In November 2015 I had my last day of work, went straight to Uganda and Rwanda and on my first day as unemployed visited the gorillas in Rwanda.

Since then I’ve been working on my blog, advising other customers and freelance from time to time. Since then I have of course been able to travel a lot more and enjoy discovering the world. It feels good!

What should you not be missing on any road trip?

No question about it: the right travel partner (I hardly ever travel alone), good maps, spare tires and, above all, the right music!

What music do you need on your road trip mixtape?

Mixtape can actually no longer be said today. The following albums and artists are always included:

  • Weezer – Blue Album (always with us for years)
  • Foo Fighters – Best of
  • Che Sudaka
  • A motley mixed & growing playlist with music from among others: Alligatoah, Beatsteaks, Bosse, Che Sudaka, Eels, Foo Fighters, Lagwagon, Madsen, Manu Chao, Millencolin, NOFX, Queens of the Stone Age, Ska-P, Social Distortion, Weezer and the Monsters of Liedermaching (the band of my super-duper photographer Jens Burger), to name just a few bands …
    Here I have created a road trip Spotify playlist that is constantly updated (Bob Marley has to not be there, it is played everywhere when traveling anyway).
  • … and on site I listen to the radio (if there is reception) and I try to organize local music.

Which continent do you prefer to travel to?

Difficult question that I will probably answer differently every time. Depending on which report or which document I saw last. At the moment I am very much drawn to Central and South America and to Africa again and again.

Traveling to Africa is always a lucky bag and something very special. You never know what will happen next. Especially when you are traveling by car, you are often faced with quite a challenge. As soon as I step on the ground in Africa I have a grin on my face and I’m just happy.

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Amelia the Traveller.