Planning on traveling solo for the first time? These amazing solo travel tips will set the ball rolling for you.

The first time traveling alone, without parents, that is of course really cool.

Discover a great holiday destination with your girlfriends or your boyfriend, no one watching you and can just do what you want. Delicious!

But besides being really cool, it can also be quite exciting.

All responsibility lies with you and you have to arrange everything yourself.

It is therefore smart to think carefully about what type of trip you will make when you leave alone for the first time.

We are happy to help you on your way and give you 5 solo travel tips for your first holiday.

1. Start with a weekend away

5 Solo Travel Tips for Beginners
Friday Night

Before you travel a little further and longer with your friends or your boyfriend, you can of course first go away for a weekend.

Think of a city trip to Paris in France, for which you don’t even have to fly, but where you can also easily train with the Thalys.

Or choose a place closer, for example go to Texel for a weekend or to a nice city in Belgium, such as Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges.

This way you discover whether you expect the same from a holiday and what you run into when you are on holiday without parents.

Other places that are great for a weekend away are Venice, London or Barcelona.

You can often also fly cheaply to these cities with budget airlines.

2. Book a vacation to a party resort

During or after high school, it is of course great fun to go on holiday with several people from your year.

Solo travel
Las Vegas Strip

These holidays are often very cheap and everything is arranged very well on the spot.

If you book it through a youth travel organization, there is also often a local tour guide.

With such a party holiday it is of course important that you pay attention to each other, do not drink too much and do not just let each other down.

In the sun, drinks can hit a lot harder and you shouldn’t just go abroad with strangers.

In another country it is sometimes more difficult to estimate who you can or cannot trust.

Also in such a typical holiday destination.

What is also great about youth holidays or graduation trips,is that there are special parties for everyone who is there on vacation. Think of a Foam Party or F##k School Party!

3. Go backpacking in Europe or in a cheap backpacking country

Do you really want to experience a different culture and do you not feel like spending hours in a bus to a party resort to party?

Would you like to go on an adventure, experience special things and get to know people from other countries?

Then backpacking is for you.

Solo travel hacks
A group of backpackers

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide has all it takes for you to make the most beautiful trips for backpackers and also tips for the cheapest backpacking destinations in the world.

When you go backpacking, you usually buy a plane ticket to a destination and you only decide the rest during your trip.

During this form of travel you can of course go with a friend, but it is also an ideal way of traveling if you are really alone.

While backpacking you often quickly meet other travelers and they could just become friends for life.

Most first-time backpackers travel to Thailand, Australia or Indonesia.

There, the amenities for travelers are well organized, there are many hostels where backpackers can sleep and many people speak English, making travel easy.

If you want tips for great routes or want to learn more about backpacking, you can order one of these best backpacking books and also take a look at our backpacking travel guide filled with endless travel tips.

This way of traveling is more advisable if you have traveled with your parents more often and are older than 18 years.

4. Sign up for a surf camp or yoga camp together

Do you like it when your first holiday without parents has a little more structure?

And do you also enjoy learning something?

Then it is also great to sign up for a surf camp.

In France, but also in Spain or Portugal, surf camps are organized in many different places.

If surfing isn’t quite your thing, you could also check out a yoga camp.

5 Solo Travel Tips for Beginners
Women Yoga Session

Because yoga has become more and more popular, yoga retreats are also being organized in more places where you will, for example, receive lessons in yoga, meditation and also learn more about healthy nutrition.

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5. Go inter-rail

If you want to see a lot of Europe for little money, then it is great to go inter-railing.

You then buy a train ticket and with that train ticket you can travel almost unlimited train travel for a month.

For example, first travel to Eastern Europe and discover cities such as Berlin, Krakow and Prague.

Or go to the south of Europe and visit cities such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Lisbon.

Find a great hostel in every city or at every train stop and choose a village with several people, so that you don’t spend too much money on your overnight stay.


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